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Veterans Experiencing ptsd

Sometimes it's extremely effective to combine Western medicines with alternative therapies to provide healing from mental/emotional/spiritual wounds from combat and military experiences. Cindi Gonzalez, the wife of a military veteran living with PTSD and the mother of two children, first watched with anxiety and fear as her family began to disintegrate before her eyes. Then she watched in wonder and amazement as healing took place through her and her husband's experience with Native American ceremonies, traditions and belief systems. 

Cindi, teacher of Native American studies at the College of DuPage in Illinois and Montessori teacher, brings to the table the experience, knowledge, wisdom, and dedication to helping other veterans and families not only survive the horrors of PTSD, but helps them to thrive and live calmer and more peaceful lives filled with understanding and tools for supporting each other.

Scroll down for the monthly schedule for group programs (calendar in progress).

If you and/or your family would prefer a private appointment or would like to start out with a phone conversation, you can email Cindi directly at to set up a time to chat on the phone or in person. 

Or for more information, call White Barn Healing Arts Center at 330-281-1387.

women's veterans

If you are a women veteran seeking support with the transition from military life to family life, deal with PTSD, and/or are seeking to learn alternative or holistic practices to support your daily challenges, consider speaking to either Annette or Cindi at White Barn Healing Arts Center about your needs and personal goals. 

While a specific program for women veterans is in the works, we are working with women on an individual basis currently and appreciate the opportunity to help.

For more info or for at least a phone chat, call White Barn at 330-281-1387.

families of veterans

In many instances the family of the veteran is at a loss as to how to handle their return. The veteran's role in the family may have changed; their personality may be different; they may be hesitant to talk about their military experiences or they may want to share all that has happened and no-one wants to listen. In any event, the spouse or partner of the veteran has their own unique set of challenges and difficulties to deal with, as do the children in the situation. 

If you find yourself in this situation and would appreciate some family support, please contact us here at White Barn Healing Arts Center. A brief phone conversation may just be the thing to open the door to finding the guidance and support you need for your family to be whole, health and functional. 

Meet Cindi Gonzalez


Cindi Gonzalez is the facilitator for the new veterans support programs


Cindi Gonzalez has been an educator for over 25 years. She has taught Native American Studies on the college level and brings much of her own experience with Native communities to her workshops.  Cindi has had the privilege to live among and learn from Native Elders, teachers and students from Reservations in both South Dakota and Wisconsin.  She is actively involved in Native issues, and is deeply committed to introducing non-native people to Native American culture and history.  

Cindy serves as a Board Member for the Warriors Journey Home, a 501c3 non-profit organization providing a healing circle for veterans, and continues to work with families of soldiers returning from combat. She helps to bring healing to the families through her teachings of Native American kinship and culture. 

She will be teaching and leading a variety of classes at White Barn Healing Arts Center beginning this year, including the new veterans support programs and Native American teachings and culture. White Barn is honored to welcome Cindi as a regular teacher!

Veteran's Support Groups

Questions? Call White Barn Healing Arts Center at 330-281-1387.

Sept. 14th (Sat.)

Warrior's Journey Home Tipi Teachings

6:30pm - 7:30p,m

To be held at White Barn Healing Arts Center.

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Sept. 14th (Sat.)

Warrior's Journey Home Tipi Teachings

Tipi Teachings for Members of Warrior's Journey Home. 

6:30pm - 7:30p,m

To be held at White Barn Healing Arts Center.

Testimonials from the Veteran's Tipi Teaching

Alex, army veteran - iraq


"All I can say is I left something back there that was dark.  I left that Tipi on a better trail.”  Alex- Army Veteran Iraq 

andy, marine corps - beruit


“The teaching Cindi shared about the Bear helped me to avoid a conflict in which I would usually act aggressively.  This knowledge helped me to control myself in a situation that would have been very bad.”  Andy- Marine Corps- Beruit

Martin, marine corps - desert shield, desert storm


“I learned about how all things are connected and realized that we all need each other. Cindi had a nice way of illustrating this 

concept through a fun activity for all of us.  It was then that I realized that there is a greater knowledge to be learned that connects us to each other in a way that can help each one of us.”  Martin- Marine Corps  Desert Shield, Desert Storm