Private Reiki session


"I liken Reiki to healing by the laying on of hands during a prayer and meditation session. I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of God during my personal Reiki session and the peace that I felt. I felt as though I was plugged into the Source of my life, which is my creator ... My God! 

I am looking forward to my next session!   

1 Corinthians 12:1-31 speaks to God’s gifts to us 

and the gift of healing is one of those gifts."
Carla Davies, Retired Minister

group visit


"Coleman Adult Day Services in Ravenna found the most wonderful program located in Portage County called White Barn Healing

Arts Center with Director, Annette Bragg. Our Totally Be You Developmental Disabilities group attends Coleman, and they go out into the community to experience different things like Martial Arts, dance classes, arts and horse therapy, and they also volunteer for the Salvation Army monthly. When we found this new program at White Barn, our staff and clients went there. Annette and White Barn's 

volunteers were so nice. Our staff had so many good things to say about the program. Our clients were so calm in the gigantic tipi and 

they felt so engaged in what they did with their healing process. They said it was better than the feelings you have at church. We feel the need in this program for our clients and the issues that they have  —   it will be such a nice place for them to relax I would recommend it for all groups to try it and go there.  

You will absolutely love  it."

Madeline Hanakin Activity Director

personal guidance/reiki session


"I was referred to Annette by a dear friend of mine. She came highly recommended. I called Annette and when we finally connected I knew she was the person to give me my first ever Reiki session. 

There was something about speaking with her that gave me peace. The day I arrived for the session, we talked for a bit. Annette is so considerate and her compassion is evident from the moment she engages you. My session was amazing with her and it was better than I had hoped for. Everything in my life I had gone through, struggled with and had given up on led me to this moment.  I had been to counseling, tried anti-depressants, prayer, even meditation but nothing prepared me for the outcome of this amazing Reiki session.

Annette's energy is soothing and healing. I had the sense that the session I had with her was specifically designed and personalized just for me.  She really does take the time to fully prepare to serve whatever you came to heal. The session really is for you and about you, you just need to be open to the process.  There were some specific things that transpired during our time together that I had spoken to no one about except her in the end. My mind which generally is full of clutter was clear that day. My heart opened, and Annette guided and aided me on my journey through meditation, prayer, chanting, aromatherapy and last but not least Reiki. Her energy is AMAZING and she is so present with you during the process. My body felt like it was in a vortex of healing. I could honestly feel the unleashing of blockages of  hurt, anger, sadness and depression being lifted.  It was my first time experiencing Kundalini energy running up and down my spine. I will forever be grateful for Annette's session. I look forward to having my next session with her soon. I am excited and elated that I found her!   Annette is a GIFT and White Barn Healing Arts Center is a Diamond in the Rough!  Don't take my word for it! Go and try it for yourself. Remember to be OPEN to the Process. It's about your journey and your healing."   Cynthia Boatwright

healing the healers workshop


"Annette has created a warm, nurturing, beautiful space that allowed me to sit and look inward. I struggle to be present and hear my inner voice of knowing.  I was able to be in a community with other women, share my experience and to do so without the self judgement I so often carry. I left feeling more deeply and listening to myself more honestly.  Much gratitude,"            Susan P.

meditations and vision quests


"I really enjoy going to the guided meditations and Vision Quests so very much. Every time I attend, I reach another level of understanding, forgiveness, love, inspiration and transformation. This past Vision Quest ceremony was tremendously healing for me. I wrote words on the parchment paper that had never entered my mind before about a specific situation that continued to plague me for the past few years. Those words flowed through me with a new awareness unlike none that I had experienced before. As I wrote them down, I could tell that it was exactly and truly what I had been needing. WOW! I filled the paper with words and descriptions, thoughts and feelings and was so very ready to wrap the paper around the arrow, tie it up and place all of it into the flames. Mother Earth embraced me with her love and light and all her goodness. I felt redemption, all had been lifted and that I had been freed. Thank you so very much!"  Sandie Sajner

vision quest and much more


 "I have known Annette Bragg for fourteen years and she is a kind, compassionate woman who truly cares.  I have been to many White Barn Healing Arts Center classes including Meditations, Crystal workshops, Vision Quests, and Reiki shares.  I took Reiki I, II and Reiki Master at White Barn Healing Arts.  Annette is an outstanding teacher — she makes you feel comfortable, in any given situation.  She is never judgmental.  She is thorough and competent and  explains things in a way that everyone can comprehend, and offers time for questions.  She makes you feel at home. I start smiling the moment I walk in...such a warm, relaxing, welcoming feeling the moment you walk in the door.  I had a personal Reiki session and it is just awesome!  You just have to experience it for yourself!!!"  Jeanne Alger 



"Visit White Barn Healing Arts Center. You will not be disappointed.  Annette is a compassionate soul who will guide you in a peaceful meditation. I have invited friends who have meditated for many years as well as people who had never meditated and all were comfortable and pleased with their experience.  Annette is a wonderful Reiki practitioner and teacher. Her kindness towards animals and people is so appreciated and needed in our world. She offers many classes, events and so much more. If you are looking for a comfortable and peaceful place for learning and relaxing I highly recommend that you visit White Barn Healing Arts Center."

Cindy Mishler

crystals and stones class


"Thank you for such a wonderful night filled with such positive energy. Fun and Friends went hand in hand with all the knowledge you shared with us! I am enjoying getting to know all the crystals and stones I brought home. And am still learning from all the info you gave us in the handouts! A truly great workshop, Annette."

​Liz Loredo

private reiki/energy session


"White Barn is a sacred space where Annette truly works with each person in an individual way.  I’ve had several Reiki sessions with her and each are prepared for in a comprehensive way; she not only provides deeply relaxing and healing Reiki but also involves aromatherapy, crystals, sound therapy, meditation techniques and a context in which to view your healing.  Her depth of knowledge and experience in various energy medicine and healing modalities enables her to provide healing and teaching that covers so many different disciplines.  Overall, she is extremely compassionate and caring and is such an amazing educator!  I am very grateful to have discovered her!"

KSC (Emergency room Physician)

Meditation, Reiki workshops and private session


"I felt welcomed the second I walked in the door. The meditations are extremely peaceful and soothing. I learned something new from the meditations every time I went because no class is ever the same. Through the mediations I have experienced singing bowls, crystals, mudras, essential oils, cleansing techniques, and much more. I also attended White Barns Reiki Workshops from Reiki 1 to masters. Throughout the series I watched Annette work with each individual in the class personally to ensure that they were comfortable, understanding the material, and finding answers to their questions. Annette was with each of us every step of the way and she made herself available to us after the workshops as well. Lastly, I have received a personal reiki session from Annette. I have gone to numerous Reiki practitioners but none of them can compare to Annette and her methods. The reiki sessions I have been to before used music with some essential oil. The reiki session I received at White Barn used meditation, intentions, crystals, candles, sage, essential oils, music, and singing bowls. From the start to the very end, each session is catered to you and your specific needs. White Barn provides a judgment free safe space for anyone and anything including people, plants, and animals. Annette goes above and beyond in everything she does and I am very thankful for her and White Barn. I would highly recommend Annette and White Barn's services to anyone!"        

Kristen Kish

the facility / craniosacral class


Comments from the evaluations of the Craniosacral class taught by Randal Gibson at White Barn Healing Arts Center. 

"Love the meeting sight. It was way more relaxed than other workshops I've taken. Nature on site is a plus."

"What a beautiful place. 

It was amazing. Best workshop!"

"What a nice inner environment - 

conducive to peacefulness."

" I really like this workshop and 

felt I got more than what I paid."


autism support


"My son has experienced little-to-none behavioral issues since our first Reiki and energy healing session with Annette, and that was about four months ago. It truly was life-changing for us."    Name Withheld for Privacy

reiki workshops


 "Having learned to practice Reiki has made a huge difference in my life. The powerful combination of Reiki and meditation definitely help me to be much calmer, less stressed, more centered and more grounded. I know the guys I work with have even started to use crystals as part of their daily routine to ease the pain of arthritis and carpal tunnel in their hands from driving. I've watched the results of many people (and animals) reap the benefits of a Reiki session. With so many different natural and holistic things offered at White Barn to reduce stress and help to ease anxiety, there is indeed something for everyone. You just have to find what speaks to you."Kevin Bragg, Truck Driver, Reiki Master 

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