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Speaking engagements

White Barn Healing Arts Co-Founder, Annette Bragg, has extensive experience speaking on the following areas of interest:

- The Many Benefits of Alternative Healing Modalities, including meditation, Reiki, energy work, aromatherapy, mudras, tapping, Tai Chi/Qigong and many other similar practices

- Changing Thought Patterns, including releasing burdens that no longer serve your highest and best good; understanding how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones; the art of forgiveness

- The Law of Attraction including positive affirmations, living with gratitude, blossoming where we are, having patience, faith and trust

- Personal and Spiritual Growth including how affects, supports and nurtures the other

- The Physical, Mental, Spiritual Connection including understanding body story telling, how to identify and address the underlying health issues manifesting themselves physically; making the connection

- Animal Compassion including making wise and healing choices as a consumer; understanding the many multi-faceted topics of animal welfare; choosing to make a difference. Animal-related topics may include animal rescue and welfare; cockfighting; factory farming; the truth about "free range" and "organic" labels; de-beaking; muesling; the Mulin festival (China); the transport/slaughter industry; soaring (equine); castrating (pigs); common industry standards; horse slaughter; foi gras industry; down industry; animal testing; and other animal-centered industries

- Loving the Earth including the part we play in contributing to its decline or supporting healing

with each choice we make; how Mother Nature responds; the link between the animal issues with factory farming and water pollution; trash/wastefulness; when you throw things away, there is no such thing as "away"

To discuss a presentation or speaking/teaching engagement, contact Annette Bragg at 330-281-1387 or email