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Reiki II Plus and Multi-Cultural Energy Healing Workshop — Intermediate Level Certification

Sat., August 10th  9:30am to 5pm

With Co-Instructors Reiki Master Teachers,

Cindi Roberts and Annette Bragg

The Reiki II workshops teach two major types of healing: mental/emotional healing and also distance healing when working with both animals and people.

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meet cindi roberts

Cindi Roberts, while working in the corporate world, is a Reiki Master/Teacher who enjoys providing Reiki to both people and animals. She completed all levels of becoming a Reiki practitioner through White Barn Healing Arts Center.  

As a teacher she is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and has a strong and sincere desire to help others.  Cindi lives in the Brunswick area near the borders of Medina and Cuyahoga Counties. She is very intuitive and enjoys and appreciates sharing wisdom and guidance. 

Email: Phone: 216-310-4474 FB: cindi.roberts.37 


meet Annette bragg

Annette Bragg is the co-founder of White Barn Healing Arts Center in Ravenna, with a vision to teach natural and holistic ways to deal with life’s challenges, difficulties and traumas through multi-cultural healing practices. Annette teaches meditation, energy healing practices, Reiki workshops, art and water color combined with meditation, aromatherapy, changing thought patterns, working with the 4 directions and the medicine wheel, the healing energies of crystals, and leads a Vision Quest series.   She provides grief support, spiritual guidance, personal growth coaching and private Reiki and energy healing sessions.   The mission of White Barn Healing Arts Center is to help bring about healing for not only people, but for the planet and animals as well, as we are all connected.  

Email: Phone: 330-281-1387 

FB: annettebragg2016 


White Barn Healing Arts Center 5180 Hayes Rd., Ravenna, Oh 44266 

About Reiki 2


What Do We Learn?

The Reiki II workshops teach two major types of healing: mental/emotional healing and also distance healing when working with both animals and people. Reiki I focused on physical and hands-one healing and served as an introduction to energy and healing work.

In Reiki II you will develop the knowledge, skill and confidence necessary to perform distance healing and build upon the teachings of Reiki I, and become a certified Reiki II Practitioner.

In Reiki II regarding distance work, we acknowledge that healing may be needed in some situations but we may not be able to physically touch the person or animal in need. Here are a few examples of when you can use distance Reiki for support: a wild animal may have been injured or hit by a car and it’s not safe to approach them; a person may have been involved in some type of accident and you can’t reach them safely or authorities are not allowing you to be near the scene of the accident; your pet may be in surgery; you’re working with a burn victim or someone who is contagious; a friend in another city or state has an emergency or a loved one may be in a hospital located far away. 

All these situations and many more may prevent you from providing hands-on healing for people or animals.

In Reiki II, you receive the distance healing symbol through the attunement and learn to work (and practice) with various forms of visualization in healing across time, distance and space. 

In Reiki II, you will also learn how to use the mental/emotional symbol and receive this symbol through the attunement. Reiki II delves into healing not only the physical health issues, but illustrates how we often need to go past the physical health needs and reach the mental/emotional centers in order for true and core healing to begin.

Learning to work with advanced energy healing techniques is quite life-changing, and opens new paths, opportunities and advancement in your own personal spiritual growth. It is truly a healing modality that allows us to incorporate healing energy into our lives and the lives of others on a constant and continual basis.   

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Reiki 2 Can Be Used...

To Help animals


Reiki II can help with calming anxious, stressed or fearful animals. You can apply Reiki II when you can't physically reach or get to an injured animal.

for mental/emotional support


Reiki II can support healing for grief, sadness, sorrow, depression, anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, and unforgiveness. It also supports healing from addictions.

to do distance work


You can send distance Reiki to far away locations to bring peace and healing for those in natural disasters, unsafe situations or circumstances, or if an ill or injured person is in a hospital many miles away.

to help plants


Reiki can be applied to all living creatures including plants. If plants are struggling or appear to be unhealthy, Reiki can help support their growth and health.

to find lost items


The distance symbol of Sei Hei Ki is often used to find lost items and can help us locatedthem more quickly than we otherwise may have found them. 

to bring peace to events


Court cases, hearings, difficult meetings at work, evaluations, rallies, protests, walk-outs, strikes — all good examples of times to use Reiki to bring peace to a gathering.

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Reiki II certification workshop


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