Next Reiki Workshop — Reiki Master/Teacher Intensive


Reiki Master and Reiki Master/TEacher intensive workshop

The DATE of the next Reiki Master Workshop has been changed and will be announced after the holidays. 

With Reiki Master/Teacher, Annette Bragg

The Reiki Master/Teacher workshops are designed for 

Reiki Practitioners who have successfully completed, thoroughly understand, and are certified in the 

energy work of Reiki through Reiki Level II. 

After registering, you will receive an email with helpful information about the class including directions, 

where to park, what to wear, etc. 


meet Annette bragg

Annette Bragg is the co-founder of White Barn Healing Arts Center in Ravenna, with a vision to teach alternative, natural and holistic methods and cross-cultural healing practices to deal with life’s challenges, difficulties and traumas. Annette teaches meditation, energy healing modalities, Reiki workshops, art and water color combined with meditation, aromatherapy, changing thought patterns, working with the 4 directions and the medicine wheel, the healing energies of crystals, animal lessons, and leads a Vision Quest series.   She provides grief support, spiritual guidance, personal growth coaching and private Reiki and energy healing sessions.   The mission of White Barn Healing Arts Center is to help bring about healing for not only people, but for the planet and animals as well, as we are all connected.  

Email: Phone: 330-281-1387 

FB: annettebragg2016 


White Barn Healing Arts Center 

5180 Hayes Rd., Ravenna, Oh 44266 

About the Reiki Master/Teacher Level


What Do We Learn?

When you complete your training at the Reiki Master/Teacher level, your journey of learning, healing and growing both personally and spiritually has only just begun.

A Reiki Master/Teacher in the ever-evolving student. The Reiki Master views the world and everyone he or she meets as their teacher, and understands that becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher is to take seriously your life's path of bringing light, love and healing to everyone, including people, animals and planet.

A Reiki Master sets aside ego and self, and works for the good of the whole. 

Becoming a Reiki Master is a serious step. You should choose this path through the Divine guidance of quiet meditation, self-reflection and a knowing that Reiki is in harmony with your life's path and purpose.  At the Master's Level you receive additional symbols for connecting to and healing of Spirit, now intertwining the balance and harmony needed for the well being of body, mind and spirit. And the Master's Level goes deeper into the spiritual realm, really emphasizing the application of Reiki in every aspect of life and stresses living your life as a role model that embraces the 5 Reiki Principles or ethical standards.  It is here we really work on self improvement on all levels and learn to be the elder, the one who shares your knowledge and gifts with others.   

The Reiki Master/Teacher workshops:

- Help us development our sense of self and promote self-growth on all levels, including personally (physically, mentally/emotionally) and spiritually

- Introduce the use of new symbols given at the Reiki Master/Teacher level

- Strengthen your intuition

- Teach teachers how to teach effectively, with experiential and interactive teaching

- Provide outlines for Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master/Teacher to those becoming certified to teach the course 

- Teach how to write meditations and how to lead a client through a purposeful meditation

- Teach how to give attunements

- Teach becoming the Sensei

- Work more in-depth with understanding the Chakras

- Introduce the concept of un-diagnosed illnesses and the potential underlying causes

- Review all the various ways to clear negative energy, and introduce how to use singing bowls and tingshas

2 PARTS of a REIKI MASTER CLASS - Reiki Master and Reiki Master/Teacher
There are two distinct teachings of a Reiki Master Class.  

The Reiki Master Practitioner class is exactly that — the students become certified as a Reiki Master Level Practitioner.  

Another aspect is the Reiki Master Teacher, for those wanting to go on to teach Reiki to others and become an instructor. When combined together, these are normally three-day intensive courses that cost $500 to $900 at many facilities. 

Here at White Barn we offer a choice.  Students may take the basic Reiki Master Practitioner class, or if you want to learn to teach, you can also then add on the Reiki Master Teacher portion of the class as well. 

In this way, many people who have no interest in teaching or becoming an instructor may opt to take just the Reiki Master Practitioner workshop, while those interested in teaching can add-on Part 2 of the Reiki Master workshop and learn to become a Reiki Master Teacher as well.

Reiki Can Be Used...

To Help animals

for mental/emotional support

for mental/emotional support


Reiki II can help with calming anxious, stressed or fearful animals. You can apply Reiki II when you can't physically reach or get to an injured animal.

for mental/emotional support

for mental/emotional support

for mental/emotional support


Reiki II can support healing for grief, sadness, sorrow, depression, anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, and unforgiveness. It also supports healing from addictions.

to do distance work

for mental/emotional support

to do distance work


You can send distance Reiki to far away locations to bring peace and healing for those in natural disasters, unsafe situations or circumstances, or if an ill or injured person is in a hospital many miles away.

to help plants

to bring peace to events

to do distance work


Reiki can be applied to all living creatures including plants. If plants are struggling or appear to be unhealthy, Reiki can help support their growth and health.

to find lost items

to bring peace to events

to bring peace to events


The distance symbol of Sei Hei Ki is often used to find lost items and can help us locatedthem more quickly than we otherwise may have found them. 

to bring peace to events

to bring peace to events

to bring peace to events


Court cases, hearings, difficult meetings at work, evaluations, rallies, protests, walk-outs, strikes — all good examples of times to use Reiki to bring peace to a gathering.





Reiki supports quicker recovery time from injury, surgery, sickness or illness, and can assist with pain relief. 

in hospice care




Reiki can bring a greater level of peace to individuals dealing with end of life issues, as well as help family members to cope. 

to overcome abuse


for lessening ptsd


Reiki can help heal past wounds and trauma and release the energy of pain that holds you back from living your best life. 

for lessening ptsd

for a greater spiritual connection

for lessening ptsd


PTSD can effect anyone who has experienced severe trauma and violence, including veterans, survivors of auto accidents, fires, assaults, and other overwhelming crisis. Reiki can help bring healing and lessen PTSD. 

to heal families in crises

for a greater spiritual connection

for a greater spiritual connection


Reiki can support the healing and mending of relationships or the healing of the heart that needs to take place after broken relationships. 

for a greater spiritual connection

for a greater spiritual connection

for a greater spiritual connection


Reiki can help cultivate a closer and stronger relationship with your Higher Power. Reiki energy respects your belief system and helps you feel connected. protected and supported.

Payment and Class Fee Policies

 By registering and paying to attend a class, workshop, presentation or special event, you are agreeing to the following policy of White Barn Healing Arts Center:

I understand there are no refunds or exchanges for other workshops, clinics, presentation, sessions, classes or store merchandise. Prepayment is required to reserve my registration. I understand I will receive an email with helpful information such as directions, parking, etc. If I choose for any reason not to attend any class, workshop, presentation or event after registering, I agree that my class fee is to be used as a donation to White Barn Healing Arts Center, a 501c3 non-profit organization.