Fall Open House


sat., sept. 14th 1pm to 5pm

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why come out for a visit?

• If you've ever considered attending classes or workshops at White Barn, this is the perfect opportunity to simply stop out for a visit, see the facilities, meet the people, and enjoy the relaxing, calming energy of White Barn!

•  If you have attended classes or workshops at White Barn, come on out, get re-acquainted with old friends, and see our upgraded facilities, such as extended parking areas, new flower beds, the new Medicine Wheel, a storage/changing shelter, and a newly navigated pot belly pig fence. 

are you an animal lover?

Experience the joy of simply watching the rescued farm animals enjoy their lives knowing they are safe, learn their stories of rescue, and get to know them by name.

learn more about our programs

Whether you are with a special interest group or simply an individual seeking personal classes and workshops in Reiki, meditation or other cultural modalities, you can learn more about our programs and what's on the Fall schedule. Be sure to grab a calendar of events while you're here!

free sampler classes and info sessions

Sampler classes give you a smidgen of what is taught in some of the workshops and let you experience some tools for stress-relief. The info sessions will provide you with additional information about the various programs and give you an opportunity to ask questions and learn more. 

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What's New and What's To Do?

larger parking areas


Less mud, more room, all gravel - better parking for larger groups and easier access in and out. New culvert and other driveway extension too. 

new 50' medicine wheel


Nope - not gonna show you the finished wheel quite yet. Come on out to check it out and enjoy the amazing energy!

new flower beds


More stone seating around new flower beds let's visitors truly relax and enjoy sitting outdoors. 

updated changing shed


This is the goat shed after it was moved but before it was repaired. Come on out to see the goat shed "after", as it has now become a multi-purpose area!

see the tipi "classroom"


This year we painted images with great meaning on the tipi, including both Native American and Japanese graphics. The tipi poles are 3 stories high and the tipi can hold up to about 30 people, including a fire ring. And yes, there's chairs to sit on (but you are welcome to grab a cushion and sit on the floor!).

meet mr. peabody and friends


If you know him well, you can just call him "P". His friends consist of 2 other pot belly pigs, an assortment of chickens, 1 turkey, 2 cows, and 2 draft horses — all rescued animals!