Benefits of Meditation


Yes, It's for Everyone....

Benefits of Meditation
- Research has proven that 4 to 7 minutes of meditation each day actually changes ​the chemistry in your brain.​
- Meditation helps us bring balance, harmony and tranquility to our body, mind and spirit.
- Being able to calm our minds, clear our thoughts, and relax our physical body, we are then able to deal much more calmly with every day stresses, anxieties, fears, concerns, and frustrations.

​​If you deal with any of the following, meditation can help you not only get through and get past negativity, it can help you thrive and keep a constant inner peace no matter what circumstances are happening around you. Meditation helps us get through traumatic events in our lives with mental clarity and a healthy perspective. ​

Meditation helps us deal with:​

- Life's transitions
- Loss, sadness, grief, depression, fears
(Loss comes in many forms - loss of loved one, loss of job, loss of health, loss of independence, loss of income, etc.)
- Stress, tensions, anxiety, frustrations
- Our attachment to outcomes
- Trust in the Universe
​- Anger, rage, hate
​- Negativity, negative emotions, negative thought patterns
​- Our relationship with our Higher Power
​- Our feeling of connectedness​
​- Our sense of self, our self-worth and self-confidence
​- A jumbled mind constantly cluttered with distracting thoughts
​- Over-analyzing life and life's events
​- Forgiveness, not only forgiveness toward others, but forgiveness toward ourselves for our own faults, real or imagined

Meditation Classes

"Sampler Meditation Classes" are taught occasionally throughout the year — watch for times and dates to be announced on the website. 

Sampler Meditation Classes teach 4 to 5 different meditation methods or techniques for stress-reduction and relaxation at each class, and a meditation support gift is included with each session. 

This provides guests with an opportunity to experience and learn a variety of ways to de-stress and lessen anxiety, anger, grief, worry, sadness, frustration, and other negative emotions and mind-sets.

Not everyone is cut-out to sit quietly in traditional meditation stillness. However, you can still reap the benefits of meditation through techniques and practices that speak to you, your personality, and your attention level.

Here are some of the easy-to-learn methods that will be taught throughout the holiday "Sampler Meditation Classes":

• Guided Meditation

• Meditation in Motion and Tai Chi/Qigong)

• How to Use Mudras to Your Advantage During Stress

• EFT (Tapping)

​• Visualization

• Breathing Techniques and Breath Work

• 4-minutes ways to clear your mind

• Positive Affirmations

• Changing Thought Patterns

• Chakra Inventory and Body Story Telling (Understanding how our mental/emotional burdens affect our physical health, and knowing where we harbor negativity gives us the information necessary to address our difficulties and challenges)

• The Small Heavenly Circuit

• Reiki Reflections

​• Meditation using aromatherapy

• Singing Bowls

• Drumming

• Chanting/Song

• Learning to Clear Negativity with Sage/Palo Santo/Florida Water

• Meditation and Working with Crystals

Meditation and Reiki sessions and other presentations such as Vision Quest and other events and ceremonies may include the use of aromatherapy and essential oils, and/or the burning of sage, incense, cedar, tobacco, sweet grass, or palo santo. Seasonally a fire is usually present in the fire ring of the tipi. The smoke from these items is considered sacred in many cultural ceremonies, and our activities often incorporate many cultural traditions. If you have sensitivities to smoke or smells, please take this into consideration when registering for activities at White Barn Healing Arts.