Upcoming Pop-Up Classes and Workshops this Fall

sunrise with the medicine wheel this saturday


(Registration for this class is now closed.) 

Sat., Oct. 5th 7am to 8:15pm (held outdoors on the medicine wheel)

$25 supports the creation, care and maintenance of the wheel.
Pre-registration required.
Enjoy the energy of being outdoors in the early morning and work with the Medicine Wheel to start your day.   

If you haven't seen the new 50' medicine wheel created in the field near the tipi at White Barn, please join us to learn the teachings, enjoy the energy, and discover the healing properties of the 4 directions.This is a very peaceful, very interactive experience, as you work with the new Medicine Wheel, learn about the 4 directions for healing specific areas of life, grasp a better understanding of the teachings, lessons and healing properties of each direction and you work with the energy of the wheel itself.  Sit in the wheel or walk the wheel, and allow yourself some peace, quiet time, and relaxation in the natural setting of White Barn's facilities. 

(not your usual) meditation practices


 (Registration for this class is now closed.)  

Fri., Oct. 4th  6:30pm - 8:00pm  

(in the tipi)

$25 per person.  Pre-registration required.

Includes learning a unique variety of different forms of meditation/ ceremony with prayer ties; twisting sweet grass; clearing with Sage and Palo Santo; Hoop Meditation (based on the Way of Tea); “I Am I Have” focus; and more.  Want something different to try for your quiet/meditation needs? This is a great class to try multi-cultural methods of meditation and simple ceremony. 

healing the healers mini workshop


 (Registration for this class is now closed.)

Sat., Oct. 12th  9:30am - 12:00noon  (in the Meditation Room Indoors)

$65 per person. Pre-registration required.
A supportive experience for those who are always caring for others, and may include nurses, adult children caring for elderly parents, counselors, caretakers, moms, health care workers, teachers, grandmothers, day care providers, or anyone who is always caring for everyone else. This mini-workshop is created to rejuvenate your spirit, reclaim your energy, renew your sense of self, strengthen your resolve, introduce some new perspectives, and give a voice to your journey. Great take-home gifts.

reiki master teacher workshop


 Sat., Nov. 16th  9:30am - 4pm  (in the meditation room)
For Reiki practitioners who have completed Reiki Level II certification. For more info visit the Reiki workshop page at  https://whitebarnhealingarts.org/reiki-workshops 

addiction support for long-term recovery


 Finding and Keeping Peace in Daily Life 

Fri., Oct. 25th 6:30pm to 8:30pm 

(in the  tipi)

These monthly classes are held on the 4th Friday of each month 6:30pm to 8:00pm  (In the tipi Oct. weather permitting.)
Acquire life skills to cultivate a healthy perspective, lessen anger and manage stress and anxiety, achieve emotional balance, stay positive and focused, discover a greater sense of self, discover a more clear understanding of your path and purpose, and create a a stronger spiritual connection through alternative and holistic practices. Sessions may include meditation, aromatherapy, parable teachings, ceremony, Tai Chi/Qigong, Reiki practices, and more. Always to include a group discussion and time for each person to share with the Talking Stick. $25 per person. If financial support is necessary, please ask.  Please pre-register on-line.   Fall Dates are:  Oct. 25th; Nov. 22nd