Make a General Donation or Support a Specific Cause

501c3 non-profit organization


White Barn Healing Arts Center was approved and recognized as a ​501c3 non-profit organization in July 2017. This enables us to provide holistic  wellness services for those in need through your kind and compassionate donations, and also to provide our supporters with a tax-deductible donation opportunity. All monetary donations are tax-deductible as  provided for by law. You may donate via PayPal or by sending a check made payable to: White Barn Healing Arts Center, 5180 Hayes Road, Ravenna, Ohio 44266. 

general donation


Your general donation will be used where it is needed most at the time. The expenses to operate White Barn Healing Arts are wide and varied, and range from providing printed educational materials for guests, purchasing office supplies like paper and ink, and supplying bottled water for students and visitors to creating a much-needed larger parking area, fabricating a medicine wheel for meditation classes, and paying to promote our events and classes on social media and event websites.

sponsor an individual

Often alternative healing methods help people dealing with grief, anger, PTSD and depression.

You may wish to become a sponsor an individual who otherwise may not be able to afford to receive  mental/emotional/spiritual support through workshops, classes or private session. Your donation helps people receive the guidance and encouragement and direction they need — people who may be experiencing severe loss and grief; living with chronic depression or PTSD; recovering from abuse or violence; struggling through end-of-life issues or major health crises; or any number of other life challenges or difficulties.


Support the work of White Barn Healing Arts Center with each purchase you make through Amazon Smile!  Simply choose White Barn Healing Arts as your default charitable organization when shopping with Amazon! And please encourage others to check White Barn as their 

non-profit of choice as well!

Thank you for your support!

sponsor a special project


There are many needs at White Barn Healing Arts, and many projects in the works. Special
projects include:
​        - Restoring the white barn to be used as classrooms, workshop areas, the gift shop, include restroom facilities, etc.
​        - Creating a large Medicine Wheel for meditations and healings (near the tipi)
​        - Creating a labyrinth, a walking meditation circle that provides peace and comfort to those who walk it in meditation
       - Completing a safe, flat walkway going back to the tipi to aid those with difficulty walking or guests in wheel chairs
​        - Adding additional gravel for a greater parking area and improve the parking facilities

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific project, please contact us for more information at 330-281-1387.

sponsor a rescued animal

Moolan is one of two rescued cows residing at White Barn Healing Arts Center.

Our goals here at White Barn  include spreading kindness and compassion for all living beings. Approximately 16 rescued farm animals from situations of abuse, abandonment and neglect now reside in peace, comfort, safety and love here at White Barn Healing Arts Center. The presence of the animals is very comforting and peaceful for guests and visitors, and the animals are often observed during meditation classes and Vision Quests, As Many people have never had the opportunity to meet or interact with a farm animal, but at White Barn they have a chance to take that first step in connecting with the animals who share our world in a very up-close and personal way. This experience helps us to change mindsets, gain insight, and broaden our perspective of the animals that many people simply and only look at as a food source. 

Make a Donation

Spreading kindness and compassion through your charitable donation enables us to meet our goals, change lives, provide services to those with financial burdens, and helps fund our special projects. We honor requests directing your donation to a specific purpose.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


professional skills


Volunteers wishing to share their professional skills are like gold to non-profit organizations!  Professional skills that would support special projects and needs include: parking needs such as gravel or concrete companies;  tech-professionals to help with computer, website and promotional support; attorneys to help review documents, disclaimers, waivers, etc.; landscapers to help with facility upkeep such as mowing, weed eating and lawn maintenance; and marketing and/or printing support. 



There will be two major fundraisers in 2019. The Spring fundraiser is Spiritual Spa Day to be held on Sunday, June 2nd at White Barn in Ravenna, and the Fall fundraiser is the 2019 Vegan Thanksgiving to be held on Saturday, November 9th at Todaro's Party Center in Akron.  Volunteers are needed to help promote the events, gather gift baskets for raffle prizes, and work at the events themselves. 

spread the word


Mr. Peabody appreciates it when people help to pass out fliers and drop them off to different places, organizations and businesses to help promote the services, programs and presentations offered at White Barn. He also appreciate it when White Barn friends help pass along emails and share FB posts from social media. 

manual labor/special projects


Special projects include putting up and taking down the tipi seasonally, which is always a group effort. Projects are always outdoors, manual labor, and normally a cohesive team building experience! If your special interest group, organization , Eagle Scout, staff, or team of enthusiastic individuals would like to take on a special project for White Barn Healing Arts Center, please let us know!

workshop and event volunteers


Most events, workshops, classes and presentations take place with the assistance of volunteers who make the experience complete, comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. Volunteers may check-in guests, clean and prepare the tipi, assist a teacher with a group of people, keep a fire going by knowing when and where to place wood, wipe down chairs for guest, and other important volunteer tasks. Volunteers must be 18 years old. 

tech support and social media


White Barn is preparing for technical and media exposure in our new strategic plan. Individuals with experience setting up podcasts, have experience working with MailChimp or a similar mass email service, or who are willing to create and schedule posts for us on social media are encouraged to contact us at