Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

individual and group support

Many people underestimate or don't acknowledge the incredible lessons and healing energies that persons with developmental disabilities bring into the lives of others.

One of the most powerful programs we have witnessed here at White Barn was the welcoming and acceptance of a session teaching a group of individuals with developmental disabilities alternative healing and therapy practices including meditation, mudras combined with aromatherapy, parable teaching, and Tai Chi/Qigong.

The group was extremely calm, focused, and enjoyed both learning and later sharing, the things they learned about ways to keep calm, be less stressed, and how to live in the moment. One young man normally exhibited signs of high stress and anxiety, and none of his regular behaviors were presented during or after the session.

Teaching alternative methods of healing that support day-to-day activities for persons

with developmental disabilities include (often a modified version of):

- Meditation in motion (Tai Chi/Qigong)

- Aromatherapy (plant-based oils combined with mudras - hand positions)

- Guided Visualization

- Water-Color with Meditation (art based experience)

- Parable Teachings

- Making prayer ties

- Reiki

We invite groups, organizations or families to schedule an hour session at White Barn in the tipi. The wheelchairs seem to do ok going through the grass to reach the tipi, and the tipi is definitely wheelchair accessible. 


1-Hour Sessions are $20 per person and include take-home gifts such as educational materials, aromatherapy, oils, worry stones, etc. 

For more information or to schedule a visit, call White Barn Healing Arts Center at 330-281-1387.


A Warm Welcome this Week to Coleman


welcome to coleman adult day services this fri., july 19th

White Barn is honored to welcome a returning group of 8 persons with developmental disabilities this week from Coleman Adult Day Services and their group leaders.

This visit will continue to focus on learning new methods of meditation for every day stress-relief and to be peaceful and anxiety-free.  

In this session we will also be working with water color meditation, allowing our sense of creativity to flow and attracting good energy into our life.

This visit will once again be held in positive energy of the tipi, and we'd like to thank Madeline Hakin and the good folks at Coleman Adult Day Services for working together with White Barn to make these visit possible!

A Beautiful Visit with Coleman Day Services June 14th, 2019

the tipi holds up to 28 guests


making prayer ties


the tipi is wheelchair accessible


enjoying the great outdoors


walking back to the bus


new friendships!