Healing with Compassion for All Creatures


living life with the theme of "do no harm"

We are now living in an era where outdated thinking and traditionally accepted ways of treating the animals who share our planet no longer serve us. 

When people are given the opportunity to "Do No Harm" and are provided with the truth of horrific abuses happening to animals in the mass warehousing of factory farming, product testing. research, entertainment, etc., it is our hope that people will choose not to support these industries. 

White Barn Co-founder, Annette Bragg, worked in farm animal rescue for 17 years, and believes it's time to  share "the rest of the story" with people who truly do want to live their lives with compassion for animals, our planet, and ourselves. 

Many people work as healers, or are seeking healing in their own lives. But often we fall short, limiting our vision to ourselves and those around us. To have healing take place in the bigger picture, we need to take responsibility for what is happening in and to our Earth and the animals who share our space.

Please choose to live your life with kindness and compassion for all living beings. ​.

vegan policy

Any foods that are offered at any White Barn Healing Arts event, class or workshop, are cruelty-free with the label of "vegan", meaning there are no dairy, meat, or other animal products used in the preparation of the food.

Likewise, we respectfully ask that any lunches or foods that are brought onto the property of White Barn are vegan as well.

We do this out of respect for all living beings and respect for the rescued farm animals who reside at White Barn Healing Arts Center.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation and respect of this policy. 

knowledge is power

We challenge you to research one of the below topics and learn all your can, and use that knowledge to make compassionate choices when making purchases as a consumer.  

There are many industries that exploit, abuse, neglect, and torture animals for profit, convenience, taste, ego, disconnect, ignorance, and other inadequate excuses.

To learn about living a more healthy lifestyle free from animal products or to learn more about animal welfare concerns, visit one of the following websites:










Animal Cruelty Industries - Make Kind Choices

factory farming


Millions upon millions of animals are warehoused in cages for their entire lives, never being able to turn around or lie down comfortably. 

veal industry


 Baby cows are torn away from their mothers and fed a liquid diet, resulting in scours (diarrhea). They are kept confined in small cages to keep their muscles from developing and to keep their muscles soft (read tender). It is a miserable, short life for these babies. 

what happens to baby boy chicks


If you happen to be born a boy in the egg laying industry, into the grinder you go...unfortunately you are alive.  



You may like your wool coat a lot less when you discover the barbaric practice of mulesing that takes place in the sheep industry. Folds of skin are cut off under their tails without the use of anesthesia. Wool is not worth the price these animals pay in pain and torture. 

equine soaring


Show horses, such as the Tennessee walkers, are put through a horrific process called "soaring" to make them pick their hooves up higher in an exaggerated gate when they are shown. This process uses painful chemicals that burn the bottoms of their hooves, causing the "soaring".

foie gras industry


 The foie gras farms force the ducks beaks open, jam a metal tube down their throats, and engorge their stomachs, resulting in the "desired" fatty liver. The world could do without this senseless abuse and torture of these gentle creatures. 

down industry


Geese and ducks are plucked while they are alive, their soft feathers ripped from their raw and bloody bodies. Can this animals suffering be worth your down-filled parka or pillow? Certainly not. 

fur industry


  Like your angora sweater? Maybe it's time to rethink your clothing purchases. Yep, this is what it looks like when the rabbits have their fur pulled out of them to make angora sweaters and other clothing items. The fur industry also used leg-hold traps for fox and other fur-bearing animals. 



   Children are often present at cockfighting raids. Teaching kids compassion at an early age is crucial to the healing of the planet. Other things most commonly associated with cockfighting, a blood sport, is illegal drugs, weapons and illegal firearms, illegal gambling, and other violent crimes. No-one wins in a cockfight. 

ivory trade


Don't by anything made of ivory. Period. The ivory poachers are responsible for thousands of elephants being cruelly butchered for their tusks. As a human being with a sense of empathy and compassion, you certainly don't want to support this industry. 

neutering of baby pigs


  No anesthetic is used on pig farms when the baby males are being neutered. They are simply held still, unable to escape the pain, while sharp instruments cut into their genitals. No living being should have to have this horrific and inhumane experience.  

transportation industry


  Many livestock trucks are operated during evening or night hours so most people don't encounter seeing animals packed tightly together being shipped to slaughter. Many animals arrive at the slaughterhouses trampled to death or frozen to the sides of the trailer during winter months.