Team Building and Staff Support


a stress-free staff is more productive

Teaching staff, managers, and employees to deal with daily stress and anxiety in a healthier way results in greater productivity, less office or work-place drama, and also gives them tools to deal with home life is a positive way as well. The end product is a healthier, more reliable, rational, problem-solving employee whose good energy and positive outlook rubs off on others.

schedule work-place sessions or a group visit to white barn healing arts center

These sessions can teach support methods for dealing with: 

- anxiety and stress

- insomnia (lack of sleep makes for an unproductive staff member)

- relieving anger, fear, frustration, worry

- the inability to focus or concentrate

- keeping calm during chaos

- coping with change and transitions at work or at home

Sessions may include learning or experiencing:

- Tai Chi/Qigong (meditation in motion for specific issues)

- Aromatherapy combined with the use of mudras (hand positions) for calming and releasing stress and anxiety

- Guided meditation and visualization

- Working with "worry" stones

- Craniosacral therapy and/or acupressure and/or reflexology

- Herbal tea or herbal remedy suggestions


1 hour session $20 per person

1½ hour session $30 per person

Minimum group 10 people

Class includes take home educational material and gifts.