Autism Support Services

providing services for adults and teens and teaching parents alternative methods to work with

The services that we provide for adults and teens living with autism allow us to meet the individual where they're at energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Personal one or one and a half hour sessions are available for adults and teens living with the challenges of autism. These sessions can be customized to focus on a specific challenge, or can teach a broad spectrum of alternative practices to provide support with daily activities.

These sessions can teach support methods for dealing with: 

- anxiety and stress

- insomnia

- relieving aggression, anger or fear

- the inability to focus or keep calm

- balancing energies (going from the extremes of hyper to lethargic)

- specific or targeted behaviors or repetitive behaviors

- coping with change and transitions

Individual sessions may include learning or experiencing:

- Tai Chi/Qigong (meditation in motion for specific issues)

- Aromatherapy combined with the use of mudras (hand positions) for calming and releasing stress and anxiety

- Guided meditation and visualization

- Working with "worry" stones

- Craniosacral therapy and/or acupressure and reflexology

- Reiki energy balancing for overall health and wellness of body, mind and spirit (Reiki and sessions including energy work require a 1½ hour session and have a different fee)

Teen Support

Teens ages 13 through 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and the parent or guardian will actively participate in the session.


1-Hour Teaching Session — $49 teen with parent

1½-Hour Teaching Session — $74 teen with parent

(Both include take-home gifts such as educational materials, essential oils, stones, etc.)

Reiki Session 1½ hours — $125  (Includes teaching alternative practices for dealing with stress and anxiety as well as the actual Reiki and energy work; includes coaching and guidance for specific challenges)

Call for Information/Appointment

Call Annette for more information or to set up an appointment — 330-281-1387.


Appointments accepted Monday through Friday between 11:30am and the last appointment of the day beginning at 7pm.

Group Services and Private Group Sessions

If you are interested in having Annette teach a session for a private group, organization, school, or private family session, please call Annette at 330-281-1387.


Testimonials and references are available from private individuals as well as group organizations. 


Alternative Wellness Practices

Guided meditation

Guided meditation

Guided meditation


Clearing the clutter from our minds is often a challenge for anyone. Experimenting with various types of meditation is sure to provide at least one avenue that you feel connected with as a go-to tool to use on a daily basis. 


Guided meditation

Guided meditation


A great deal of scientific research has been done on plant-based oils and the benefits of aromatherapy. For example, lemon is used to fight severe depression, and rosemary is used for clarity of thought. 

tai chi/qigong

Guided meditation

tai chi/qigong


"Meditation in Motion" is the solution for those who find it difficult to sit still, and there are many physical health benefits connected to meditation in motion. Learning specific movements has an extremely calming effect and is a great de-stressor.


cranial sacral therapy

tai chi/qigong


Reiki, a Japanese based energy practice, is becoming more prevalent here in the US in health clinics, hospitals, recovery centers and nursing homes. It is a calming balancing of energy through a hands-on, relaxation technique. 

cranial sacral therapy

cranial sacral therapy

cranial sacral therapy


Cranial sacral therapy is a step between Reiki and massage therapy. The hands of the practitioner are not perfectly still nor are they actively massaging, but create a more gentle, subtle movement that brings the body back into balance. 


cranial sacral therapy

cranial sacral therapy


There are specific points on the body over certain muscles that provide pain relief for headaches, migraines, and other physical aches and pains. This is something each person can learn to do for themselves when they are feeling stressed or anxious.