Alternative Addiction Support for Long Term Recovery


alternative addiction support programs

Recovering addicts sometimes reach a point where their traditional source of therapy, guidance and recovery may not be enough for them. Sometimes folks are seeking that one element that still seems to be missing or just out of their grasp, or are finding it difficult to deal with day-to-day challenges, crises and obstacles that test our reserve and tenacity.

Introducing new tools, updating our thought patterns, and choosing to learn new avenues of Alternative Healing Practices seemed to have made a world of difference for many individuals in recovery. 

White Barn is currently offering private classes for individuals and/or families seeking new ways to learn to cope. 

Sessions may include support based in a variety of cultural teachings 

and experiences, such as:

- guided meditation, to provide a new level of being able to calm the mind and de-clutter our thoughts so we can think clearly and make wise decisions

- changing our thought patterns through self-reflection and powerful parable teachings, narratives and story telling, with interactive discussion for understanding and applying the lessons

- beginning to value and love ourselves for who we are right now, with all our faults - real or imagined; seeing ourselves as having great value and worth through mirror work

- identifying what might be missing, and replacing old or bad habits with new, positive and healthy habits (R&R - release and replace), with the help of "worry stones" used as reminders  

- gain tools that help deal with day-to-day stress, anxiety, fear, resentment, anger, bitterness and frustration, through learning the benefits and how to use aromatherapy, meditation in motion, mudras (hand positions), ways to change our thought processes, and more- the Spirit Arrow ceremony, based in Native tradition, to help the person release burdens from the past and to let go of emotions, baggage, thought patterns and other experiences that no longer serve your highest and best good

- ceremonies based in Native American, Peruvian, Chinese, Japanese, and other cultures that bring us a new level of healing and support for overall health and wellness of body, mind and spirit

White Barn's recovery programs are NOT religion-based, but rather support your spiritual connection within your own belief system. 



1-Hour Teaching Session — $49 individual

1½-Hour Teaching Session — $74 individual

(Both include take-home gifts such as educational materials, essential oils, stones, etc.)

Fees - GROUP

For a private group of 4 or more friends or family fees are $35 per person for 1-hour or $59 per person for a 1½-hour session.  

Call for group pricing for larger groups of 10 or more. 


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Have questions? Want more info? Thinking about trying a private session? Want to have a group of friends or your family participate together?  Give us a call!

Alternative Addiction Support

spiritual connection

ceremonies for wisdom, healing

ceremonies for wisdom, healing


Ceremonies, Vision Quests, meditations, and meetings are held in the peaceful and sacred space of the tipi seasonally May through October. The tipi has a very calming, very nurturing energy, and sometimes simply being in the tipi helps to provide a deeper level of peace for guests. 

ceremonies for wisdom, healing

ceremonies for wisdom, healing

ceremonies for wisdom, healing


In the Native American culture, the medicine wheel honors the wisdom and healing energy of the 4 winds, or the 4 directions, with each direction representing a stage of our life.  There are many ceremonies, including the sweat lodge, which can bring healing, insight, knowledge, guidance and direction into our lives.

benefits of meditation

ceremonies for wisdom, healing

benefits of meditation


Even if you can't normally clear the clutter from your mind, we can teach you a variety of meditation techniques and one of them is sure to speak to you. It's hard to make wise choices in life when we can't think clearly. We teach new (as well as traditional) ways to calm your mind, lower your stress, and be open to trusting your inner intuition. This includes meditation in motion (Tai Chi/Qigong).


cross-cultural ceremonies

benefits of meditation


Addictions often run hand-in-hand with depression, past traumatic experiences, anger and resentment. Scientific research with plant-based oils shows incredible healing properties of aromatherapy.

. Lemon, orange and lavender are known to help clear away negative energy, and lavender itself helps with grief and loss.


cross-cultural ceremonies

cross-cultural ceremonies


Reiki, a hands-on energy balancing and healing practice that originated in Japan is now becoming widely used in the United 

States. Reiki supports overall health and wellness for physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well-being. It can help bring us clarity, peace of mind, a greater spiritual connection, and healing on many levels.

cross-cultural ceremonies

cross-cultural ceremonies

cross-cultural ceremonies


Prayer ties are often created, giving us a physical solution to a spiritual challenge. Often we ask, are our prayers being heard? Prayer ties work with nature as the winds take our thoughts and prayers to Creator. Many other beautiful and meaningful ceremonies bring us peace of mind and healing of our spirit.