A Non-Profit Organization

a 501C3 Non-profit organization


White Barn Healing Arts was approved as a 501c3 non-profit organization in July 2017.

This enables us to provide services for those in need through tax-deductible donations toward sponsorships, programs, special projects and events.



White Barn Healing Arts Center promotes wellness, peace and healing for body, mind and spirit through natural and homeopathic practices, relaxation and healing techniques, spiritual guidance and support, and educational opportunities. We encourage and inspire people to live their lives acting out of compassion and tolerance for all living beings, and bring awareness to the interconnectedness of people, animals and planet.

A holistic buffet of healing practices


White Barn teaches holistic and cross-cultural healing practices as well as offers individual private sessions. Classes, workshops and private appointments encompass a wide variety of Meditation Techniques; Aromatherapy; Reiki; energy and healing work with Japanese, Chinese and Native American influences; Tai Chi.Qigong; Cranial Sacral Therapy; Native American teachings; Sound Therapy; Herbal Medicine; Intuition Empowerment; working with Crystals and Stones; and other supportive natural healing practices.



Having a 17-year career in farm animal rescue, co-founder Annette Bragg has made sure to include rescued animals in the mission of 

White Barn Healing Arts Center. 

Many visitors can connect with the animals stories of past abuse as well as their ability to overcome, 

survive, and then thrive! 

White Barn's mission is to 

help us extend our compassion 

to all living things, 

including all animals and Mother Earth!



White Barn Healing Arts Center was named after the century-old white barn still standing on the property. It is our hope that we will be able to restore and rejuvenate the energy of the barn and transform it into classrooms and indoor educational facilities for the organization and help it to become the beautiful healing center that it has the potential to be. White Barn Healing Arts Center is located on 14 acres in Ravenna, Ohio. The grounds include the tipi, floral beds, animal pastures and grassy hay fields. It's a peaceful energy at White Barn, 

perfect for rejuvenating, recharging, 

re-inspiring, and healing. 

about the founders


Annette and Kevin Bragg are the co-founders of White Barn Healing Arts Center. Kevin mentors and provides guidance for the programs and services as well as handling upkeep of the grounds in addition to his full-time job.. Annette teaches workshops and programs as well as accepts individual client appointments and cares for the rescued farm animals that reside at White Barn.